Exercise Stress Echocardiogram

A Cardiac Ultrasound performed before and after exercise, in the presence of a Cardiologist, investigates how the heart responds to physical exertion.

Electrodes are positioned on the patient’s chest and connected to a monitoring unit. The patient is required to exercise on a treadmill with the speed and incline increasing every 3 minutes.

The patient’s heart rate and blood pressure are monitored until the Cardiologist has sufficiently evaluated how the heart is working.

The patient is then monitored until their heart rate and blood pressure return to normal.

What to bring/what to wear

  • You will need to bring clothes and shoes suitable for walking or running.
  • Women should wear comfortable, two-piece clothing as it is necessary to remove clothing from the upper body to perform the test.
  • Men may require small areas on the chest to be shaved to ensure adequate electrode contact.
  • Do not use talc, body lotion or wear neck chains.

Consent Form

You will need to have signed a Port Macquarie Cardiology Exercise Stress Test Consent Form.


Patients should ask their referring Doctor if current medication should be temporarily stopped before the test as it can interfere with the test.

Other information

  • The test takes about 45 minutes
  • Medicare Rebate available