Port Macquarie Cardiology Tests

Visiting Specialists

Our practice draws on the expertise of a number of visiting specialists for cardiac care including interventional cardiology, electrophysiology and cardiothoracic surgery …

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Cardiac Consultation

A Cardiac Consultation involves a full cardiac assessment with one of our experienced Cardiologists.

If this is your first visit to our practice, please complete the Patient Information Form and bring it with you to your appointment, along with all your …

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12 Lead ECG

A 12 Lead ECG investigates the function of the heart’s electrical conduction system. During the test, adhesive electrodes are positioned on the chest and limbs.

An ECG is a diagnostic test that provides the Cardiologist …

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Cardiac Ultrasound

A Cardiac Ultrasound provides visual images and video clips of the heart that assist with examination of cardiac function.

During this procedure, electrodes are positioned …

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Exercise Stress Echocardiogram

Cardiac Ultrasound performed before and after exercise, in the presence of a Cardiologist, investigates how the heart responds to physical exertion.

Electrodes are positioned on the patient’s chest and connected …

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Holter and Event Monitor

A Holter Monitor is a continuous ECG (Electrocardiogram) recording taken over a period of 24 hours or more.

The ECG tracings acquired during the recording are analysed …

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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

This test involves the automatic recording of the patient’s blood pressure over a 24 hour period.

A blood pressure cuff automatically inflates and records the patient’s blood pressure at regular intervals. The readings are then analysed by a Cardiologist and a …

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Defibrillator and Pacemaker Check

Pacemakers and ICDs (Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators) require monitoring and testing at regular intervals. Modern devices have multiple functions that are tailored to each individual.

During the monitoring, adhesive electrodes may be placed …

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Specialty Imaging

CT Coronary Angiogram (CTCA) and Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) …

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